Nuevos requisitos para las acreditaciones por la ICF

Nuevos requisitos para las acreditaciones por la ICF


A continuación recogemos aquí la actualización especial que nos ha llegado de la ICF Global a cerca de las novedades en los criterios para la certificación de coaches.

A partir de abril 2014, con el fin de mejorar la calidad, el valor y el rigor del programa de acreditación, la ICF llevará a cabo cambios en el programa de acreditación, por ejemplo, en julio, ICF ha anunciado que todos los solicitantes deberán pasar un examen vía web.

Special Update from ICF Global
February 17, 2014


Effective April 1, 2014, some requirements for an ICF Credential will be revised. In order to enhance the quality, value and rigor of the Credentialing program, the following program changes will be implemented:
  • Written Exam— Back in July, ICF announced that all applicants must take the ICF Coach Knowledge Assessment –a multiple-choice, Web-based exam that applicants can take on their home or work computers. The written exam is not required for credential renewals.
  • Dropping the recording requirement for ACC applicants who have completed an ACTP or ACSTH. For applicants who have completed all of their coach training through an ICF approved program (ACSTH or ACTP), a recording is not needed and the written exam fulfills the requirement. Those who completed any part of their training from a provider that is not an ICF ACSTH or ACTP must still submit a recording to ensure the integrity of the training program.
  • Transcripts—portfolio applicants will be required to submit written transcripts of their recorded coaching sessions (two for PCC and MCC).
ICF is also working on some other possible requirement changes. These include:
  • Three recordings for MCC—applicants for an MCC will be required to submit a sequence of three recordings working with the same client.
  • PCC required for MCC—holding the PCC Credential becomes a pre-requisite when applying for the MCC.
It is important to note that as the ICF continues work to enhance the credentialing program, standards for renewal of the Credentials may change. These changes could include additional hours of training in specific areas (ethics), new assessments or requirement for supervision.  All changes are intended to improve the integrity, quality, and value of the credential offerings. These changes will always be announced well ahead of implementation with timelines that will allow all to comply.
As continual improvements are implemented, ICF is seeing a steady increase in user satisfaction and advocacy for the program. In 2013, ICF awarded 25% more Credentials than in 2012.  Surveys also help ICF identify parts of the application process that need further improvement, which is why ICF is proactive in making program improvements.
As ICF continues to advocate for quality coaching through the ICF Credentialing program, we want to thank you for your commitment to the profession. Your Credential demonstrates your desire for continuous development and lifelong learning. May the ICF Credentialing journey bring you increased business opportunities, greater awareness of your skills and potential, and additional opportunities to help humanity flourish through coaching!
Feel free to email us with any questions.
In service of humanity flourishing,
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  1. Igo 24 mayo, 2015 at 04:25 - Reply

    Credentialing is indeed imtrnpaot. We are professionals and want to be taken seriously. We learn coaching methodology during our training. The credentialing process confirms that we are educated and proceed with coaching in a consistently proper manner.Clients want to know that they are being coached competently. How will they know unless there is a system in place that confirms it? How would a client feel if their doctor, therapist or plumber were not credentialed or licensed? Additionally, grad schools are starting to offer degrees in coaching. Doesn’t that mean certification is definitely coming in the future?We work hard to get the proper training. We work hard to be the best for our clients. We work hard to be professionals and to be taken seriously. Why not get credentialed to prove to our clients and to ourselves that we are doing our best to be the best at what we do?

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